Science Show - Frequently Asked Questions

Giant Bubbles in the park

Could I have a Science party in a park?

Yes, you definitely can! There are few experiments that are better inside, but even these ones could be conducted in a park in the vast majority of the cases. A couple of examples of the science parties carried outside are available in our video clip library.

What’s included in a kids party programme?

Our standard programme includes up to 15 experiments and is conducted for a group of up to 15 kids (the set depends on the age group and interests of the participants). The programme may vary depending on the venue, weather and the audience and will typically include:

  • Experiments with dry ice
  • Simple polimerisation chemical reactions
  • Simple cristalisation chemical reactions
  • Properties of different common gases
  • Bernulli experiments
  • Experiments with soap bubbles
  • Making own super slime
  • Toothpaste for an elephant
And many others :-) We can also combine a Science show with Giant Bubble show (ideal for the kids audience when you've got kids of different ages) and with the experiments with liquid nitrogene.

How long is a standard show programme?

A standard party programme is 1 hour. The duration may vary based on your circumstances, specifics of the audience and the event.

I am planning a party outside. What about bad weather?

A Science Show can be conducted in the majority of the weather conditions and there are just few exclusions such as strong wind and rain. We’d encourage you checking the weather forecast prior to the party/show time and we’ll do our best to accommodate changes that could be required in case of the bad weather including conducting the party inside or rescheduling it (subject to availability). We will need you to let us know 24 hours in advance prior to the show time to reschedule the show.

How many guests are included in the standard kids package?

Our standard programme is based on up to 15 children attending. We have this limit to ensure that each of the kids is able to participate in the offered interactive activities. We can organise science parties for the bigger audience by either involving more entertainers or by adjusting the programme. Please let us know the details of your party and we'll get back to you with the options.

Could you come to the venue of my choice?

We travel to your location within a Melbourne and Sydney Metro areas! Please enquire to ensure that we have availability on the date and we'd be in touch with you to confirm.

I am interested in a Slime Workshop. Can you assist?

We can offer a 1-hour slime workshop and it will include the following: making the following types of slime:
- clear or coloured slime,
- slime with sparkles,
- slime with plastic beads. We'll talk about chemical reaction of polymerisation and give a high-level explanation of the reaction used to make the slimes. We'll explore few other examples of the exciting experiments based on the polymerisation reaction including:
- polymer worms,
- artificial snow,
- growing the polymer balls. And we can end the workshop with one of the spectacular chemical experiment - e.g. Elephant Toothpaste. The programme could be adjusted based on your preferences. A price for a 1-hour programme is $290 inc tax.

Do you conduct Liquid Nitrogen shows?

Yes, we do! We like the spectacular tricks with Liquid Nitrogene and Dry Ice and would like to share the magic with you! See our Cryo Show offerings for the details!

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