Giant Bubbles Show & Party

Giant Bubbles in the park

The Giant Soap Bubble Show is now in Melbourne!
Are you looking for how to surprise and excite your kids with something very new and very different?

A great activity for all ages

Every kid loves bubbles... The bigger the bubbles the more they love them... And, our giant bubbles will reach the kids sitting deep in each of the adults too! Each party we have had involved the majority of parents into the activities! It's rare to see a bunch of grown-ups running in a part with the set of the bubble wands :)

Have you ever seen a bubble bigger than you?

Our professional bubble solution will allow you to make soap bubbles several meters long!  Small bubbles, big bubbles and enormous  bubbles - all parts of the show you will see! 

Get inside a giant bubble!

Have you ever thought about getting inside the bubble? A great chance to try it out :) A kid in a bubble or an adult person in a bubble - all possible with our professional equipment and bubble solution. This is a part of our standard show programme for both children and adult parties.

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Standard Show Programme

Our 1-hour programme is conducted by our bubbleologist and includes the following tricks and activities:

  • Demonstration of a number of professional bubble wands and getting lots of bubbles of different shapes and sizes using our professional bubble solution

  • Tricks with the white bubbles and the fire bubbles

  • A Person-in-a-Bubble show

  • Playing with the bubble wands and making your own bubbles

This show is ideal for the birthday parties, festivals, corporate and private functions, incursions, science week events and other types of the activities.​

Below is a brief description of 3 standard packages. We can customise a package based on your needs, combine a bubble show with other shows we specialise in or change the duration. Should you be interested in additional information or would like to make a booking, please use the form below. One of our team members will be in touch with you shortly after that. Bookings are essential. All prices are provided for the standard service area.

Giant Bubble

Party for Kids


1-hour package for up to 20 kids with one giant bubble artist



Great for kids from 2 to 10 years old. Custom invitation designs are provided. Includes interactive elements for kids to play and a kid-in-a-bubble show

Can be conducted indoor, outdoor or a combination of both

Can be combined with the elements from other shows; other group sizes and durations are possible

Giant Bubble Show

for All Ages


A performance of up to 30 minutes on a stage for an audience of up to 70 adults and/or kids with one giant bubble artist

The programme is adjusted depending on the audience and venue. Will include show components only and and a person-in-a-bubble show for few selected participants

Can be conducted indoor, outdoor or a combination of both

Can be combined with the elements from other shows; other group sizes and durations are possible

Giant Bubble Show

for Public Events


4-hour package for large audience involving two giant bubble artist

One entertainer does the giant bubbles demonstration and another is teaching kids and adults how to make giant bubbles. Includes the person-in-a-bubble show

Best to be conducted outdoor

(indoors options available)

Involves a set of few spectacular tricks to allow a high level of engagement with audience spending different time at the venue

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