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A very special type of the Science Show all about cool... very cool things! Lots of fun things with Dry Ice (-78.5 degrees C) and Liquid Nitrogen (-196 degrees C) will blow your imagination with lots of transformations - when an ordinary banana could be used as a hammer, a balloon with the air instantly shrinks and gets back to normal just next moment, and a substance that instantly expands 500+ times.

Cryo (Liquid Nitrogen) Show - a Show about Cool Things

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A Flower Shatters into a Thousand Pieces

Just dip a flower into a liquid nitrogen and in few seconds throw it on the floor… Guess what happens!

An Instant Ice Cream

Should you want a special fresh ice cream? Here comes liquid nitrogen again! Just 5 minutes and there are 15 serves of fresh ice cream made of your favourite creamy ingredients and fruits! 

Lots of Bubbly and Foggy Things

Put a piece of dry ice into the hot water! It is cool! What will happen if you pour a bit of the liquid nitrogen into the water?!?

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Standard Show Programme

Our standard programme includes up to a number of experiments and demonstrations with Liquid Nitrogen, Dry Ice and other cool things  and is conducted for a group of up to 15 kids (the set depends on the age group and interests of the participants) or on the stage for a large audience. The duration of the standard programme is 1 hour. When conducted within the services area, it is $390.

Bookings are essential. Please use the form below to request to request additional information or to send us your booking request. One of our team members will be in touch with you shortly after that.