The Smart Party - The Science Party

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Our Motto: Science is COOL and FUN!

A Learning and Informative Science Show and Party

A learning and informative party with chemical and other scientific experiments, that your kids and you will love and remember for the long time!

The Science Show is an interactive, entertaining and learning experience for kids from 4 to 12 years old. Equally suitable for birthday parties, incursions to the schools and kindergartens, the show will encourage kids' curiosity and interest in sciences!

Safe and Can Be Carried Out Everywhere

All experiments are suitable for the age groups, safe and all reagents are approved for usage in Australia.

The Science Show can be carried out at school, at home or even in the park. Few optional experiments are to be carried out outside only.

A Variety Of Exciting Experiments

Standard programme includes up to 15 experiments and covers some of the reactions in Chemistry and interesting Physical principles.

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Standard Show Programme

Our standard programme includes up to 15 experiments and is conducted for a group of up to 15 kids (the set depends on the age group and interests of the participants). The duration of the standard programme is 1 hour. When conducted within the services area, it is $290.

This show is ideal for the birthday parties, incursions, science week events and other types of the activities.


Looking for something even more exciting? You may extend the duration of the Science Party with the Giant Bubbles Show or Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!


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