Balloon Modelling

Everything Can Be Made of Balloons!

Favorite Cartoon Characters

Looking for an exceptional add-on for a birthday present for your little one? Choose a favourite cartoon character made of balloons!

An unusual gift for a grown-up? A balloon figure again!

This is an example of the gift for a birthday that deeply impressed a brand-new mum :)

Large space to decorate? Balloon arches and wall decor!

Easy to mount and looking great!

Want to add something special to your themed party?

Any character or decor object can be made of balloons! This was a great add-on for a Hawaiian party!

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Example of the Figures


How to order

Each balloon figure is hand-made and the time and effort really depend on what you are after. Please share your thoughts using the form below and we'll get back to you with the relevant examples for you to choose, additional questions and a quote.


Reference price ranges are:

  • a figure of 1 meter tall is $50 - $70

  • a figure of 1.5 meter tall is $70 - $120

  • a balloon arch 4 - 5 meter width is $120 - $300

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